Hi Paul and Helen, hope you are both well. Just a few words to let you know how pleased I am with my new Titanium hearing aids!

What a difference they have made to my life. Although I am still getting used to them and trying really hard not to lip read as much, I am finding a them massive improvement. I have actually heard a bird sing for the first time in my life, I can hear a clock ticking on the wall (annoying at times!)

TV sounds a lot better and although I can hear without subtitles, I do still put them on at times for fear of missing out. This may take some time to get used to.

I love the fact that when I’m out in a busy music environment the aids turn themselves down to protect my ears!

I can have a conversation with my son when he is in his bedroom and I’m at bottom of stairs ( I no longer have to ask him to come to top of stairs so I can see his lips).

I can have group conversations a lot easier too, it’s not perfect just yet but I think from a lifetime habit of lip reading I need to learn to use my ears properly rather than my eyes!

I would like to thank Helen especially for assessing me in my home rather than myself having to travel 15 miles or so to where you are based.

This I found was a massive help especially being a nurse and working 12 hour days and nights, much appreciated. I have some new found confidence and I don’t feel as conscious as I did when I wore my NHS behind the ear aid.

Thanks again and I’m sure you will see me again sometime in the future. Best wishes, Sue

Email by Sue S., Brighouse, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak B90 Titanium IIC

Huge thanks to the team! My dear friend Charles who is 94 years old struggled to get his hearing aid working at 8.30pm Friday evening, he was left feeling very vulnerable and asked me to help.

I emailed Digital Hearing Care, whom Charles had purchased his hearing aid from, doubtful that I would get a reply until after the weekend, and to my amazement, I had a reply instantly, offering support and advice.

We posted Charles’ aid off first thing Saturday morning and by mid afternoon Monday, Charles was informed the hearing aid was not only fixed but on its way back to him.

The back up care that often lacks with some companies was certainly not the case with Digital Hearing Care.

Thank you so much to the whole team I cannot recommend this company highly enough for anyone looking to purchase a hearing aid.

Charles is happy and so am I that we managed to sort his problem out so swiftly. Thanks again.

Email by Lisa Duffield, Harrogate, North Yorkshire – Hearing aid supplied is Phonak Virto V70 ITE

Hi Helen, Paul and the gang, just to let you know all is going well with new Titaniums, I no longer have to watch lips to follow conversation, the Phonak Titanium are very comfortable and I don’t have a fear of losing them when the wife gets me in a headlock ha ha.

A very good point is that if I am watching a group playing loud music they automatically lower the volume, this is the same in other similar situations like loud traffic noise which I find brilliant.

My hearing is good in most situations including the phone, I struggle a bit with the TV but think this is due to using subtitles for such a long time, I need to start to concentrate more on listening.

As I live in the countryside I am surrounded by wildlife, lots of birds etc which I can now hear, something I have not had since my childhood.

All in all these Phonak Titanium have really made a massive difference to my life.

Only downside is I can hear the wife in stereo ha ha ha. Hope you guys are all good especially the lovely tea girls.

Best wishes, Gordon

Email by Gordon A., Brighouse, West Yorkshire and Spain – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak B70 Titanium IIC

I have worn hearing aids since I was 16 (private ones since I was 21). I wore the Oticon Alta 2 Pro mini RITEs with a power mould previous to these new ones and loved those.

When I saw the new Oticon OPN instruments, I couldn’t wait to try them for many reasons. Wearing a Streamer around my neck was always awkward for me with my job (Audiologist) and home life with a baby so when these showed completely wireless streaming I needed to try them.

The sound was immediately similar to what I was used to with the Alta Pros but with a twist. I could “feel” the difference with the sounds around me.

Whereas before I could hear in HD, it felt I could now hear in Ultra HD 4K!!

The little sounds around me were just different (in your face almost) but without overtaking the important speech sounds. The way the OPN works is a very different concept to any other sound I have heard and I have tried A LOT of hearing aids being an Audiologist myself.

It feels as if sound is coming to me rather than having to listen intently to the sounds to make them out well.

I had a few hiccups with the streaming at first when using Youtube but that sorted itself out after a few weeks without me doing anything.

Everything else was fine from the beginning. The quality of sound from any form of device or connection was great. Better than I remember with the Streamer.

As I commute by train, I watch things online and I never disturb anyone around me and I can always hear extremely well.  Using the phone is so much easier than before as well.

The app is OK (very basic) but I don’t really use that for anything other than connecting the hearing aids to my phone.

All in all, I am very pleased with the technology. All that’s missing is android connectivity now.

Thanks Helen and Paul for sorting me out with these!


Email by Laura J., Castleford, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Oticon OPN1 iPhone Compatible miniRITE

Before I got my Oticon OPN2 hearing aids I struggled to hear higher frequencies (electronic signals, birdsong, etc), TV sound and my wife talking.

So far I’m aware of my hearing aids but am getting used to them, I find them good generally but still struggle a bit in noise, all the noise is louder, not just the person I’m trying to listen to. Telephone and TV are great!

Overall I find my Oticon OPN2  help me hear better.  Hearing the huge array of birdsong in a simple walk out in the street was just amazing: I knew I couldn’t hear much by way of birdsong before but I didn’t realise just how much I’d lost and to get it back felt miraculous.

I can now watch most TV without subtitles and I only struggle on those programmes that I imagine most have trouble with – like those with pesky mumbling actors.

And my wife definitely feels the benefit of my not constantly asking her to repeat what she’s said!

Email by John A., Bingley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Oticon OPN2 iPhone Compatible miniRITE

Having worn a Widex  hearing aid in my left ear for approx 10 years, which was fantastic,  I began to struggle as my hearing became worse in my right ear.

I made an appointment with the fantastic Helen from Digital Hearing Care (where I had previously bought my first hearing aid) and she recommended two Widex Beyond, tiny behind the ear aids.

They are so comfortable I can forget I’m wearing them and they work directly with my iPhone which is fantastic!

They are great in all situations including in noise, on the phone and TV.

They are light, almost invisible and I don’t feel like I have to pull my hair over my ears to hide them when it’s windy!!

I feel so much more confident that they’re discreet but still powerful enough to help me hear ‘normally’!

As my hearing loss is severe, there was a little feedback, but this has been resolved by getting slightly bigger, and more tightly fitting moulds.

Email by Paula H., Keighley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Widex Beyond 440 iPhone Compatible RIC

I was struggling with higher frequencies, in particular I was unable to hear or differentiate bird calls. I struggled to follow conversations in noisy environments such as in a restaurant.

I also had some difficulties at times following conversations with the grandchildren, particularly when driving and they were in the back of the car.

I’m aware of my hearing aids but am getting used to them. The hearing aids are great in all situations including in noise, both telephone and TV are great!

My hearing is much more acute that it has been for many years. I can hear sounds I hadn’t really noticed were missing; running or splashing water is much richer, conversations are easier although I hadn’t really considered that to be a problem area previously.

TV and music is more enjoyable and I can now hear many bird calls missing previously….roll on springtime!

Only negative is I hear some wind noise in any conditions more than a very light breeze.

Email by Ian H., Keighley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo B70-R Rechargeable RIC

Hi Tim & Paul, just a quick note to tell you about the great experience I had buying my new hearing aids. I went with the Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids.

Tim did a great job of testing my hearing and setting them up. He really listened to my needs.  It was really good to be able to try a test pair first of all.

He was really knowledgeable about the instruments and able to give advice on connecting them to my phone. I was tested on Monday and picked them up on Friday which was great as I was going away the next day.

The devices are fantastic. I love the integration with the iPhone. It is so useful to be able to stream audio to the devices and good to be able to control them easily without having to remember sequences of fiddly button presses on the hearing aids themselves.

I was in a noisy restaurant the other night on table with 10 other people and I could join in conversations! That wasn’t possible with my previous hearing aids. The technology seems to have really improved over the last 5 years. I can generally hear so much more clearly than before.

They handle wind noise much better too. I spend a lot of time working outside so this is a real bonus.

Thank you to you both for all of your help.


Email by John H., Bridlington, North Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Oticon OPN 1

Overall my hearing aids have been excellent. Main areas I struggled before were television without subtitles, understanding people who I have not met before whether it be at work or just out socialising.

I also lacked confidence in situations like ordering food in a restaurant where possibly the waiter has an accent.

I feel now the hearing aids have given me a lot more confidence in social situations whereas before I would feel a little bit nervous of the thought of saying the word ‘what?’ a good two or three times.

Phonak Audeo V90They’re also small and discrete and many people said not noticeable, as I was worried people would point them out often.

I’ve been using my Phonak  Compilot II with my mobile as I really struggled using my phone, especially when it was an unrecognisable voice.

It’s also very helpful with the microphone on top of the Compilot so it turns into handsfree. The sound quality is very good in my ears and have little problems hearing people. It’s also very handy using it while driving.

I can use the Phonak Roger Pen using a Roger X receiver with my TV and other devices that sends the sound straight into my ears which is a big help.

I play a games console a fair amount, not just for gaming but for streaming films and videos.

Where streaming apps like Netflix has subtitles, a lot of others do not. Before the Roger Pen and my hearing aids I wouldn’t even try to watch or stream something without subtitles.

I would miss about 70% of speech, again especially with accents even an american accent i would have struggled.

I have Sky TV in my room and recently discovered they do not offer subtitles when downloading films or programs, so again the Pen and hearing aids massively help.

Having something that raises the volume is one thing, but the equipment and the hearing aids I use certainly improves the clarity of speech.

Email by William P., Bury, Lancashire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo B90-312T

Hello Helen, sorry for the slight delay in replying but it has been a busy few days.

phonak-audeo-bI have cycled twice and walked in quite windy conditions the hearing aids have been excellent with minimum disturbance from wind noise, while now being able to talk with others properly and hear bird calls.

Socially I have been in several situations which could have been difficult but proved to be a joy. A dinner for two hundred people – very noisy- but I could easily hear and talk with all the people around me. Busy pub bars, a disco all absolutely no problem.

I ran the hearing aids for 17 hours on one over night charge without problem, so the claimed 24 hours certainly looks a possibility. Re-charging is so simple and in fact the charger gives a really good place to keep the aids over night.

The challenge for the re-charging will come in a few weeks when I am away but not in en-suite accommodation or with easy electrical access.

Any problems? Just one I keep forgetting I have got them in! Regards, John

Email by John S., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo B90-R Rechargeable RIC

Just a note to say thank you to Paul and Helen! I can’t recommend you highly enough.

I’m in my thirties and suffered hearing loss almost 16 years ago. Having lost all my confidence and given up my music I came across the Audeo 9, eight years ago.

Phonak Audeo V90They helped me rebuild my confidence and I began playing again albeit a new instrument.

I found myself in the fortunate position of being able to replace my hearing aids a couple of weeks ago but I needed a product that could ensure I can hear in conferences at work, in the office surrounded by people, at home with my husband and toddler and also on stage with our rock band! No easy task!

Paul and Helen worked with me to achieve all of this and I’ve even managed to watch an entire film without missing a word for the first time since I lost my hearing.

I cannot thank you both enough as the improvement in my life is incredible.

The Audeo V90 has made my already amazing life practically perfect. I will never regain my hearing but this is as close as I’ll get.

Thank you so much once again. Best, Tracy

Email by Tracy G., Keighley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Audeo V90 RIC

Widex Clear FusionHi Paul, I would just like to offer you my sincere thanks for your professionalism, and great customer care both during and after my fitting.

As someone who has worn hearing aids for approximately 15 years with a severe hearing loss I did not think it would ever be possible to find aids that were so good.

The Widex Fusion 440 RIC are remarkable. They are neat compact and comfortable, it is probably the first time I can truly say that I am not conscious that I am wearing hearing aids.

More importantly the speech clarity is exceptional, and as anyone who has a severe hearing loss will tell you the risk of feedback from powerful hearing aids is something you can expect, if only momentarily when making a sudden movement with your head.

Since having the Widex fitted, not once in any situation have I experienced any hint of feedback, which is remarkable.

Paul I will have no hesitation in recommending you should the opportunity arise, or indeed the Widex hearing aids.

Kind regards, Michael

Email by Michael R. – Keighley, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Widex Fusion 440 RIC

phonak cicI have known Paul for over 11 years and he has always been there for me. Key to Paul’s success is he first understands the problem, and then finds the hearing aids that are right for you rather than adopt one solution fits all.

I have just bought my third pair of hearing aids from him – Phonak Virto V90 CIC. That alone speaks volume about his customer service and retention!

As for the Phonak Virto V90 CIC I am truly amazed by their performance and quality. You can tell when they are suppressing traffic noise whilst at the same time zooming in on vocals.

They surpass the performance of my already excellent Phonak Exelia Art CIC.

Regards, Ajaz

Email by Ajaz A., Bradford, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Virto V90 CIC

Hi Paul, purchasing the Oticon Intiga IIC 8’s last summer was the best thing I have ever done. I cannot believe what I have being missing out on by not wearing any hearing aids. I can happily communicate to people much easier with no need to lip read and can even manage a conversation with someone who is upstairs!! I no longer need the use of subtitles when watching television either!!

oticonintigaifingerI use the hearing aids all of the time, even when I am playing sports such as football and golf. My confidence has improved drastically and people I have recently met do not even know I have a hearing problem, due to the aids being “invisible in the canal”

The service I have received from you at Digital Hearing Care is astonishing; whenever I need my aids tweaking you are there the same day to help me out. The deliveries of items I have purchased off your website are always next day delivery and are the cheapest I have found on the web.

One of my hearing aids has had to be repaired once due to an accident by myself, however you pulled out all of the stops to ensure I got it back as quickly as possible.

I admire all of your hard work you put in to Digital Hearing Care to ensure your customers are always satisfied and get the absolute best they can out of their hearing. Thanks for everything you have done for me Paul I look forward to dealing with you in the near future.

Email by Ben B. – Brighouse, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Oticon Intiga i IIC

After a poor experience with a national company I turned to an independent – Digital Hearing Care. The company clearly puts the customer first and nothing is too much trouble; how I wish I had gone to them first!

My hearing had deteriorated to such an extent that I had to rely on close family and friends in difficult hearing situations. When I finally took the plunge I was very apprehensive about whether hearing aids would help and how they would look. However, I was quickly put at ease by the sensitive and expert testing, support and guidance from Paul Minikin.

phonaknanoI believe that the care I have received is second to none and the Phonak Nano hearing aids are remarkable for such small items. They have made a significant improvement to my hearing of quiet, unclear conversations in rooms with an unsatisfactory acoustic. I can also listen to television programs without having the volume turned up and without having to ask my wife what people have said, who were not clear speakers.

In addition, the hearing aids are not visible from the front and they can only be seen when looked for so they have added greatly to my confidence in wearing them on a daily basis.

Digital Hearing Care has a comprehensive selection of hearing aids and I am sure that the ones recommended by Paul are the most effective ones for my particular type of hearing loss. The service throughout has been very professional and patient; after a fortnight minor amendments were needed and these were made promptly and efficiently.

I can recommend Digital Hearing Care without any reservation.

*Update*    I can recommend Digital Hearing Care unreservedly to anyone. I bought some hearing aids from them 10 months ago and I have found their after sales service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and when I have needed some help and support it has been instantly forthcoming.

Email by C. M., Harrogate, North Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Phonak Virto V70 Nano

I originally purchased my hearing aids (Widex Passion) about 4 years ago from Paul Minikin at Digital Hearing Care.

Widex PassionIn that time, they truly have been life changing in that muffled sounds were transformed into words from colleagues, friends and family. No longer did I have to give that blank look at someone because I missed what they were saying to me.

But like anything man-made, they need a little TLC now and again and I recently started to notice some degradation in sound quality. My aids are out of warranty so I knew I’d get a bill, but having my aids “fettled” by Widex only cost a very small amount compared to the price of a new set and they are sounding like new.

So thumbs up for Widex and an even bigger thumbs up for Paul and the service he provides. I work away a lot so the flexibility he offers in when and where he can meet to answer a query, help in fitting or tuning the aids is invaluable.

Only today, did I give him 5 minutes notice that I wanted to drop into his Keighley office to get my newly serviced aids tuned – and 20 minutes later I was walking away with newly adjusted aids, tweaked slightly to compensate for the additional loss I’ve suffered over the past few years.

5 star products and 5 star service!

Email by Paul M. – Haworth, West Yorkshire – Hearing aids supplied were Widex Passion RIC

Customer Reviews

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46 Reviews

Peter F

Absolutely superlative service. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I would not deal with anyone else. My Roger pen is one of my most treasured possessions and I don't know what I would do without it.


WOW!! is all I can say. My dear friend Charles aged 94 at 8.30pm on Friday evening couldn't get his hearing aid working, this left him feeling very vulnerable, he asked if I could help, I was concerned because it was late on a Friday evening and the start of the weekend. I had no need to be worried at all, I emailed Digital hearing and immediately received a reply and a solution to the problem, I posted the hearing aid out recorded delivery which arrived before 1pm on Monday morning, within hours the team replied saying they had repaired the aid and it was posted back by return. I am so impressed at the level of care received and the speed of service. Charles is very happy.


I had micro ear suction the work was carried out very professionally and successfully. The reception staff were excellent fast efficient and friendly

Laura J

Top notch hearings aids and service. Thanks Paul and Helen 😀

Ernest A

I am a very satisfied customer, the service and after care is is of the best, E J Appleton

Ann C

I have received excellent support over the last 6 years from Paul Minikin of Digital Hearing Care. Recently I have replaced my Phonak Audeo Smart with Phonak Audeo V and am delighted with my improved hearing. Ann Chappell

Roger A

Aged 73, I felt that the time had come for me to seek help with my gradually worsening hearing loss. I saw the website for Digital Hearing Care which made a lot of sense to me. The audiologist carried out an assessment and recommended Phonak Audeo V90 which I bought at a great price. Everything was done in a very competent and reassuring manner. Not many of my family or friends have realised that I have been wearing aids until I tell them !

Ross W

I recently upgraded my Phonak Audio hearing aids to the latest Audeo V model. The improvement in technology is amazing! I can hear much more clearly and find I can wear them in comfort, even in challenging conditions (a hot and steamy commercial kitchen) where the previous model was uncomfortable and would often die as a result of the moisture. Without wishing to sound too much like a advert for Paul, the only thing not improved is the exemplary service he has always provided. Worth every penny!


Want impartial advice? Want first class aftercare service? Want someone trustworthy? Then go for digital hearing care!


Digital Hearing Care is an outstanding independent company that puts the customer first. Nothing is too much trouble and the hearing aids recommended from their comprehensive selection are the most effective ones for the individual concerned.

Jim S

I have the Phonak hearing aid also the Roger pen and the Phonak digital phone. I recently had a problem with my phone and contacted Paul the Audioligist who asked me to send it down for inspection. I posted it on the Tuesday and received a new phone from Phonak on the Friday, I must say the service from Paul and Phonak has to be second to none. Once again thank you and well done A very satisfied customer J W Stephenson

John V

I have dealt with Digital Hearing Care and its associate company HAB for 6 years since I had my Phonak aids dispensed by Paul Miniken and have been delighted with the level of professionalism and prompt service I have received. My supplies of batteries and cerustops are ordered on line and are always received next day, postage free, about a year ago I had to order a battery carrier, the original had developed a crack in the plastic and HAB supplied a replacement together with the pin removal tool by return post. I have also had to replace broken speaker wires which have been received next day and fitted easily, I have never been without my hearing aids thanks to their superb service, if you are not using them, do give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

David D

After much searching on the Internet and an attempt at an NHS referral I recently purchased 2 Phonak Audeo V90s from Digital Hearing Care. The best decision I made! My hearing has improved greatly and my confidence has grown. I now have no problems hearing at work and the TV is a pleasure to watch again. I'm only in my 30s so aesthetics was a factor as well. To date nobody has mentioned my hearing aids and it took my wife 6 hours to notice when I first put them in, she only realised when I accidentally left the box out. It is a really descreet design and people are genuinely surprised when I tell them that I'm wearing hearing aids. The aftercare has been second to none as well. I had a problem with intermittent static in one aid but Paul quickly resolved this with a brand new aid at no extra cost. I can't thank Paul enough and highly recommend Digital Hearing Care. If you are considering hearing aids definitely get yourself booked in for a hearing test. Dave, Silsden.

Vera K

I found my new Phonak hearing aids wonderful ,once I got used to putting them in properly !With my previous aids, which were 5 years old, I had difficulty hearing the conversation when out with friends, but on a recent cruise, when sharing a table at dinner with four or six other people, I had no difficulty whatsoever joining in the conversation. Background noises are no longer a problem. Needless to say I am very happy with my new aids. I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Minikin for the excellent service he gives and his enthusiasm to get the very best outcome. It is lovely to meet someone who obviously enjoys his job so much and to whom nothing is too much trouble. V. Kenny.


Paul from Digital Hearing Care has provided a first class back-up service , since I purchased my Phonak cic hearing aids from him. After my hearing test Paul was particularly helpful and knowledgable, guiding me through the various manufacturers/models to enable me to make an informed decision. I would certainly recommend DHC, and will be contacting Paul for my next hearing aids. MT Leeds


A perfect service - speedy and attentive! Just what you need when having to make difficult choices about hearing aids. Thank you, Paul!


Digital Hearing Care is a first class company. I've been shopping with them for a number of years now and nothing it too much trouble. I would highly recommend.


Digital Hearing Care is a first class company. I've been shopping with them for a number of years now and nothing it too much trouble. I would highly recommend.


The service is second to none. The staff go above and beyond the call of duty to help you. Would highly recomend


I have been shopping with Digital Hearing Care for a number of years now and have had excellent service each time. The products are top brands at low prices and delivery has always been quick. If I have needed advice my email has always been answered quickly, even on a weekend, and the staff are all very friendly and do their best to help out in anyway. All in all I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Mrs J Warriner


I have always been very impressed by the help and service i have received from Digital Hearing Care. Nothing has been too much trouble and they also have an excellent service supplying batteries and other aids for the deaf. I bought an very useful alarm clock as an example.