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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact us you might find the answer to your query within our FAQ’s section below. If you can’t see the answer to your query below fill in the handy contact form to the left and we’ll get back to you very quickly.

Are you a national company and where are you based?2016-12-04T15:37:17+00:00

Digital Hearing Care has it’s head office and administration base in Keighley, West Yorkshire. We are a regionally based independent hearing aid supplier covering a large part of the north of England, including the counties of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. We are very locally focused and take great care to supply to areas where we know we can offer a high standard of aftercare.

We are also a leading partner in a UK wide network of local independent hearing aid audiologists. If you need help or advice about your hearing just ask for our help and we will put you in touch with a reliable and professional independent hearing aid audiologist close to you, just about anywhere in the UK.

Am I better dealing with a local independent hearing aid audiologist or a company with a national profile?2019-02-04T10:14:22+00:00

Why deal with a local operation instead of a national company? Three compelling reasons – Price, Choice and Aftercare. Compared to dealing with most of the national companies you could reduce the purchase cost of hearing aids substantially, sometimes by up to 50%!

Also, most of the national suppliers supply a limited range of products from a limited number of manufacturers. Digital Hearing Care and our independent partners in the network supply the full range of technology available from all these manufacturers and more ; Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Starkey, GN Resound, Puretone, Unitron, Signia / Siemens, Rayovac, Duracell and Power One. This, along with a commitment to excellent aftercare that you rarely get from a national supplier makes for an easy choice.

So how common is hearing loss?2016-12-04T15:56:55+00:00

You might be surprised to know that just short of 9 million people in the UK suffer with some degree of hearing loss, of those around 6.5 million are over the age of 60, with quite a sizeable percentage younger.

Over 70% of the population over the age of 70 have at least a degree of hearing loss.

It is believed that around 4 million people in this country could benefit from wearing hearing aids but have not yet done anything about it!

An astounding set of facts.

Are all hearing aids visible, bulky, behind the ear beige bananas?2016-12-04T15:55:29+00:00

Not at all! As modern technology has improved, privately purchased hearing aids have progressed in leaps and bounds, and are getting more discreet and more sophisticated every year.

Also bear in mind that the old stigmas associated with hearing loss and wearing hearing aids are disappearing fast, more people than ever are turning to professional help to improve their quality of life.

How old do I need to be before I need a hearing aid?2016-12-04T15:54:43+00:00

The largest percentage of hearing loss can be attributed to the ageing process, but we regularly see clients in their 40’s and 50’s whose hearing has been damaged due to exposure to excessive noise levels and need a little help to hear clearly.

We also see people quite regularly who have had hearing problems from birth or early childhood.

If you are having problems with your hearing it is a good idea at the very least to ask us for a free hearing check to put your mind at ease.

If I start wearing hearing aids will it make my hearing worse?2016-12-04T15:53:45+00:00

In a word, no. Your hearing will remain the same regardless of whether or not you wear hearing aids, although once you start to hear better your expectations of how well you should hear are higher, so you notice more when you are not wearing your hearing aids.

How much do hearing aids cost?2016-12-04T15:53:01+00:00

The price you pay for your hearing aids depends very much on the lifestyle you lead and your own expectations of hearing.

The more advanced the technology is, the higher the price tag.

If you lead a very busy lifestyle and need the best performance for noisy environments the best advice is to opt for the most advanced (and highest price) technology you can afford or justify.

If you lead a quieter lifestyle technology in the middle of the range may well perform adequately for your needs.

Our hearing aid prices are keenly priced, there are some situations where you see lower prices but these products are never like for like.

For instance you can buy cheap amplifiers from newspaper advertisements for less than £20 and some companies advertise very basic technology for around £200 or so.

We would advise you to give these sorts of products a wide berth if your budget is pointing that way and look to the NHS instead. Our hearing aid prices.

What about everyday running costs?2019-02-04T10:18:44+00:00

The main ongoing cost of hearing aid ownership is hearing aid batteries.

Typically in the high street you would pay just under £4.00 for a packet of 6 batteries, that is just under 70p a cell.

Depending on the size of battery you use and the level of hearing loss you have, a battery might last anywhere from less than a week to over a month.

We have a hearing aid accessories website that can supply any accessory for any hearing aid supplied in the UK, including hearing aid batteries at a cost of less than 25p per cell!

Other costs such as filters, domes etc are a minimal cost and can be purchased via the website or via the post.

The other potential cost is repairs out of warranty, although the hearing aids we supply tend to have the benefit of a five year warranty.

What guarantees are offered, and what do I get for my money?2019-02-04T10:20:02+00:00

When you request a hearing test you will receive an in depth assessment of your hearing loss by a fully qualified independent hearing aid audiologist, and recommendations on the appropriate solutions.

The hearing test itself is free of charge.

If we supply hearing aids they are individually custom built to the exact shape of your ear and fine tuned precisely to your hearing loss.

You will receive the professional hearing aid audiologist’s time, patience and experience in helping you achieve the best result possible.

Hearing aids supplied in the UK always have at least a two year manufacturers warranty attached as standard, and at Digital Hearing Care we offer a five year manufacturers warranty as standard.

Also included is a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee and the benefit of free ongoing aftercare for the lifetime of your hearing aids, at least to five years as agreed at the outset.

If you are unhappy with their performance within the first 60 days of fitting and we cannot resolve the issues you are entitled to a refund of your money.

Should I insure my hearing aids and how / where?2016-12-04T15:47:38+00:00

We think it is a good idea to insure your hearing aids against loss and damage, the manufacturers warranty will cover a lot of eventualities but will not cover against losing your hearing aids, dropping them on the floor and standing on them, the dog chewing them etc.

The easiest and cheapest way to insure your hearing aids is to specify them on your house contents insurance, but sometimes this is not possible or desirable (for instance a claim on your house contents insurance may affect no claims bonus).

There are standalone policies available to cover hearing aids but they are not easy to find!

Here is a link to a company we know supplies this type of cover; AssetSure (AssetSure is a company unrelated to Digital Hearing Care so please make sure you read their terms and conditions so you know the cover is suitable for your needs).

Is a hearing test uncomfortable?2016-12-04T15:46:32+00:00

Not at all. After we have asked you some important background questions about your hearing we take a look in your ear canals to check for excessive wax or any other problems that might affect your hearing or general health.

We then use an audiometer to measure your type and level of hearing loss.

Once we have all this information to hand we are in a position to tell you all about your hearing loss and the potential solutions.

The whole process is painless, comfortable and reassuring. If you are relaxed the readings will be more accurate.

Will I see a qualified person?2019-02-04T10:22:37+00:00

All hearing aid audiologists at Digital Hearing Care and anybody we recommend throughout our nationwide network are fully qualified, experienced and highly trained Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers.

It is against the law to supply hearing aids if unqualified and not on the HCPC Register of Professionals.

You can check whether an individual is qualified to supply you with hearing aids easily on the Health and Care Professions Council website (HCPC).

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity and have a full and comprehensive program of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to be able to continually develop and improve the way we do things, and offer our clients the best service we can.

It is very important to us that you the customer feel completely confident in what we can do to help you.

What are my legal rights as a consumer?2016-12-04T15:43:40+00:00

It is illegal for a home visit to be made unsolicited. You cannot be visited in your home unless you have agreed to or requested a visit.

Only hearing aid audiologists registered under the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) are allowed to supply hearing aids after a long training period and both theory and practical examinations passed.

A registered hearing aid audiologist will be only too happy to show you their registration card on request.

The terms and conditions of purchase are laid out on the paperwork supplied to you, and are in full compliance and support the Health and Care Professions Council codes of conduct.

Your rights are laid down, together with the sale of goods, consumer protection and trades description acts; your rights are well protected.

If you want a copy of Terms and Conditions before arranging a hearing assessment please just contact us and we will email you a copy by return.

Can I wear my hearing aids when I’m asleep?2016-12-04T15:42:23+00:00

As a general rule we don’t advise this, but it is possible to “nod off” in the chair whilst watching TV without too much problem.

It is better when you climb into bed to remove your hearing aids.

Your hearing aids are better left open when not wearing them to allow any moisture built up during the day evaporate overnight.

Can I wash my hearing aids?2016-12-04T15:40:18+00:00

This is not a good idea! Moisture and the sophisticated electronic components in hearing aids do not mix at all well, and the warranty does not cover for user damage due to water ingress.

If your hearing aid is subjected to excessive moisture or is accidentally submerged in water and stops working, sometimes a period of slow drying out over a couple of days in a warm dry environment can bring a hearing aid back to life.

Otherwise the hearing aid might need to go back to the manufacturers to be repaired.

For most clients a typical cleaning routine consists of a quick wipe with a tissue when the hearing aids are removed and an occasional change of a wax filter.

How do I know when the battery needs changing?2016-12-04T15:39:30+00:00

Hearing aid batteries are designed specifically to run at full output and then stop working pretty much instantly when the are expired, unlike a torch battery that gradually grows dimmer.

The hearing aids we supply have a useful feature that gives you an audible tone to let you know when the battery is nearly spent. For a small charge we can also supply a battery tester so you can see for yourself how much power a battery has left.

My new hearing aids sound funny / different?2016-12-04T15:36:44+00:00

If we supplied you with hearing aids and everything sounded the same as before, frankly we would be worried!

Your new hearing aids are helping you to hear different types of sounds at levels you have not heard for a long time (including your own voice) and it takes time for your hearing and brain to get used to hearing differently.

Quite often we tone down the response of your hearing aids initially to give you time to get used to them, and at a later stage adjust the response closer to the optimum level to give the most benefit.

On average we expect new clients to be in touch after a week or so 50% of the time for adjustments, this is usual. For some clients multiple adjustments are needed before the best results are achieved.

If we don’t hear from you we always get in touch after a few weeks to follow up on progress and make sure you are getting the best results possible.

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