Starkey Halo iQ Made for iPhone hearing aids are designed to help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. Built using the industry’s first ever quad core twin compressor technology and a brand new operating system, Halo iQ hearing aids are able to process multiple sounds simultaneously, so that speech is crisp, ambient sound is natural, and music sounds rich and immersive.

Halo iQ is designed to provide better hearing across life’s changing landscapes so that you never miss your child’s laughter or a friend’s joke. Available in Starkey’s thinnest receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) yet, Halo iQ works with the latest version of the TruLink 3.0 Hearing Control app to connect with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch and select Android devices.

Halo iQ provides the following features Halo users love:

  • High-definition streaming of music, phone calls, videos, FaceTime calls, Siri and other media directly to your Halo iQ hearing aids
  • A personalized and high-quality listening experience with exceptional sound quality to help you hear comfortably in any environment
  • Up to 20 customized and geotagged hearing aid memories, so your hearing aids automatically adjust based on the environments you frequent most (e.g., home, work, the gym or park)
  • Easy control of your hearing aids using your iPhone
  • No buzzing, whistling and clicking

Halo iQ includes Real-Time Notifications and tinnitus management technology. Halo iQ wearers with Apple devices will now be able to hear notifications for email, calendar, messages and social pings.  For those suffering from tinnitus, integrated controls in the TruLink app will allow you to control the volume and modulation rate of the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology solution for personalized tinnitus management.

Halo iQ hearing aids are packed with Starkey Hearing Technologies’ best-in-class performance features designed to deliver pristine audio, natural sound, best hearing in noise, and zero feedback. They also feature the next-generation moisture and wax repellent, Surface Nanoshield, ensuring reliability and durability.

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