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Hello and welcome to the first blog of 2017. I am back in the new year with another new product for you- it’s been a busy few months with Phonak and Oticon also launching new products in the last few months both of which you can read about in my previous blogs. Today though I am going to talk about the latest from Widex- which I am glad to say I have already had the chance to fit to an existing customer so let me talk you through my findings.

The NEW Widex Beyond

The new product from Widex is called BEYOND -which is a bit confusing for us as it is very similar to the Phonak product Belong. However, it is available in 4 levels of technology and so should suit most life styles and price ranges. CLICK HERE FOR OUR WIDEX PRICES It is currently only available in a Receiver in the ear style, as seen below.

The update from their previous product- UNIQUE- is centred around the new streaming capabilities. Beyond can stream directly from apple products without any intermediary device making phone calls, listening to music or videos much easier. To work with this Widex have launched an app which is the best I’ve seen from a hearing aid manufacturer. It is very intuitive and gives the user options to change not only the loudness of the sounds but the shape and direction too. You are also able to customize it with your own template for speech and music.

As with other manufacturers currently the streaming capability is only available from apple products but I’m informed that the android app will be available soon. The Beyond has TRI-LINK technology which means that you can also connect to telecoils, landline and TVs etc when you purchase the additional Widex accessories – the DEX range. If you would like to find out more or order any of these please click here.

iPhone and App Connectivity

The Beyond is not a huge jump in technology from the Unique in terms of the way the hearing aids process sound. However the addition of the streaming is a big advantage for those who use technology for calls and music etc and really does give the wearer the most control over any other manufacturer. As I said at the beginning of this blog I have been lucky enough to fit a pair of these already and the result has been great. There has been no reports of loss of connection or issues with streaming and from the experiences I have had I would say it’s been the most reliable for this so far…..

So for any new customers who come to see me enquiring about hearing aids with streaming capabilities this product will definitely be at the forefront of my mind. And for those die-hard Widex customers out there- of which I know there are many – I’m sure they will be thrilled with the upgrade from their old products.

Well that’s all from me today, I have 2 more launches to attend in the next couple of months so will have lots more to tell you about. As always if you would like to contact me our phone no. is (01535) 606350 (option 3) and my email address is  help@digitalhearingcare.org.uk I would love to hear your comments or suggestions for future blogs.

Until next time, take care – Helen

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