Welcome to the Digital Hearing Care blog. Those of you who are regular readers of the blog will notice that Signia is not a brand I have spoken about much previously.

Signia hearing aids used to be branded Siemens. It is not a manufacturer that I have worked with much previously to be honest, but their new product Styletto has caused quite a stir in the hearing aid industry with some clients commenting on the unique and interesting product design.

It is available in the RIC form only and has three technology levels 7, 5 and 3. There are 3 colours – Dark Granite / Silver, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, and Snow White / Rose Gold.

In a slight departure from the way hearing aids are normally supplied, Styletto is only available as a pair, is a rechargeable hearing aid powered by an internal lithium ion battery and is supplied complete with a very slim and portable charging case. Signia Styletto is priced accordingly on our price list.

The charging case holds 3-4 days worth of hearing aid charge (depending on usage) which is perfect for those who regularly travel.

The chip platform Signia Styletto is based on is the Signia Nx chip, which has binaural hearing processing to help with localisation and hearing in noisy environments. There is also a feature called Own Voice Processing (OVP) which aims to maintain your voice to sound as natural as possible without over amplification or occlusion effect.

However, personally I find that most RIC products don’t tend to cause occlusion anyway.

If you suffer with tinnitus then this product also has programs to help distract for the tinnitus itself. Your audiologist would need to discuss this feature with you as depending on your type of tinnitus there are a couple of different options as to which sound would be best.

There is an app which can control the settings in your aids which can be used from android and apple phones. There is no function to have direct streaming of calls/music etc to your devices though so if that is something you need then this is not the product for you.

In conclusion – if you are looking for an ultra modern stylish hearing aid with wow factor, great performance and easy to use then this is one for you to look at.

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Thank you for reading, Helen

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Prices