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Widex are a privately owned hearing aid company based in Denmark. They are currently ranked in the top 6 of all hearing aid manufacturers and are constantly improving their technology. They were the last of the big hearing aid manufacturers to set up a UK base which is currently in Cheshire. Widex also have shares in Bloom Hearing.

In 2015, Widex introduced their latest and most advanced platform technology. It led to a number of new features as well as the creation of their brand new Unique range of hearing aids.

First let’s take a look at the models that are currently available from Widex.

Unique – Available as:

  • BTE/Micro BTE (Behind The Ear)
  • RIC (Receiver In Canal)
  • RITE (Receiver In The Ear)
  • ITE (In The Ear)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)

The Unique is currently the most advanced hearing aids available from Widex. They are available in 4 technology levels, Unique 440, Unique 330, Unique 220 and Unique 110. They are available in a number of styles and colours to suit every taste and requirement. They have directly replaced the previous Dream range of hearing aids.

The Unique range also features the smallest ‘open fit’ hearing aid available known as the Unique Passion and a power RIC known as the Unique Fusion.

Widex IIC – Available as an IIC (Invisible In Canal)

This is the smallest hearing aid available in the Widex range. As its name suggests, this hearing aid sits deep inside the ear canal making it ‘invisible’ to everyone else. It is available in 3 technology levels IIC 10, IIC 5 and IIC 3+. Please note that not all ear canals are suitable for IIC hearing aids but this can be determined by your audiologist.

Widex Super – Available as RIC (Receiver In Canal)

This is a super power hearing instrument that is suitable for severe to profound hearing loss. It offers that extra boost of power but in a small, sleek design. It is available in 2 technology levels, Super 440 and Super 220.

Widex Menu – Available as:

  • BTE/Micro BTE/Power BTE (Behind the Ear)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)
  • CIC (Completely in Canal)
  • ITE (In the Ear)

The Widex Menu is a bit different in terms of the way features are included. Although they come in 3 set technology levels, Menu 10, Menu 5 and Menu 3, you can adjust the number of features you require. This is essentially a basic range of hearing aids.

Some companies will still try to sell older hearing aid models so for your reference, here is a list of some Widex models that have been superseded.

  • Widex Dream range
  • Widex Clear range
  • Widex Mind range
  • Widex Passion 440, 115, 100 and 105
  • Widex Real
  • Widex Inteo
  • Widex Aikia
  • Widex Flash
  • Widex Senso
  • Widex Diva
  • Widex Bravo
  • Widex Bravissimo

Widex’s new platform has allowed Widex not only to improve the features that their customers know and love, but introduce some new ones designed to make the whole listening experience more personal.

Please note that not all features listed below are available on all models. For more specific feature information, please refer to our individual product pages.

In keeping with their ‘more personal’ approach, Widex have introduced 3 new features to help achieve this. Personal Acclimatisation allows the wearer to control pace and level, Personal Audibility Extender helps manage the higher frequency sounds and Personal Zen is designed to ease the symptoms of tinnitus using harmonic tones that work for you.

These hearing aids also offer up to 15 sound processing channels and up to 5 Programmes to further improve your hearing.

Digital Pinna recreates the ear’s acoustics to retain a natural sound quality and the Speech Enhancer SII detects the voice you are trying to hear and suppresses the unwanted background noise.

For comfort and clarity, these hearing aids also feature the TruSound Softener which softens unexpected loud noises, Feedback Cancelling and Noise Reduction.

Widex have also developed a range of accessories known as the DEX range which are compatible with any of Widex’s wireless hearing aid models. This allows you to connect with devices such as your TV, Music player or phone. The accessories currently available include RC-DEX, TV-DEX and Phone-DEX.

If you would like more information about Widex’s full range of wireless accessories please visit our sister site here.

If you are interested in a particular model of Widex hearing aid, just hover your mouse over the ‘Products’ tab above, you will see a drop down menu appear, hover your mouse over ‘Widex Hearing Aids’ and you will see the whole current range to choose from. Just select your choice from there!

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Laura J

Top notch hearings aids and service. Thanks Paul and Helen 😀

Ernest A

I am a very satisfied customer, the service and after care is is of the best, E J Appleton

Ann C

I have received excellent support over the last 6 years from Paul Minikin of Digital Hearing Care. Recently I have replaced my Phonak Audeo Smart with Phonak Audeo V and am delighted with my improved hearing. Ann Chappell

Roger A

Aged 73, I felt that the time had come for me to seek help with my gradually worsening hearing loss. I saw the website for Digital Hearing Care which made a lot of sense to me. The audiologist carried out an assessment and recommended Phonak Audeo V90 which I bought at a great price. Everything was done in a very competent and reassuring manner. Not many of my family or friends have realised that I have been wearing aids until I tell them !

Ross W

I recently upgraded my Phonak Audio hearing aids to the latest Audeo V model. The improvement in technology is amazing! I can hear much more clearly and find I can wear them in comfort, even in challenging conditions (a hot and steamy commercial kitchen) where the previous model was uncomfortable and would often die as a result of the moisture. Without wishing to sound too much like a advert for Paul, the only thing not improved is the exemplary service he has always provided. Worth every penny!


Want impartial advice? Want first class aftercare service? Want someone trustworthy? Then go for digital hearing care!


Digital Hearing Care is an outstanding independent company that puts the customer first. Nothing is too much trouble and the hearing aids recommended from their comprehensive selection are the most effective ones for the individual concerned.

Jim S

I have the Phonak hearing aid also the Roger pen and the Phonak digital phone. I recently had a problem with my phone and contacted Paul the Audioligist who asked me to send it down for inspection. I posted it on the Tuesday and received a new phone from Phonak on the Friday, I must say the service from Paul and Phonak has to be second to none. Once again thank you and well done A very satisfied customer J W Stephenson

John V

I have dealt with Digital Hearing Care and its associate company HAB for 6 years since I had my Phonak aids dispensed by Paul Miniken and have been delighted with the level of professionalism and prompt service I have received. My supplies of batteries and cerustops are ordered on line and are always received next day, postage free, about a year ago I had to order a battery carrier, the original had developed a crack in the plastic and HAB supplied a replacement together with the pin removal tool by return post. I have also had to replace broken speaker wires which have been received next day and fitted easily, I have never been without my hearing aids thanks to their superb service, if you are not using them, do give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

David D

After much searching on the Internet and an attempt at an NHS referral I recently purchased 2 Phonak Audeo V90s from Digital Hearing Care. The best decision I made! My hearing has improved greatly and my confidence has grown. I now have no problems hearing at work and the TV is a pleasure to watch again. I'm only in my 30s so aesthetics was a factor as well. To date nobody has mentioned my hearing aids and it took my wife 6 hours to notice when I first put them in, she only realised when I accidentally left the box out. It is a really descreet design and people are genuinely surprised when I tell them that I'm wearing hearing aids. The aftercare has been second to none as well. I had a problem with intermittent static in one aid but Paul quickly resolved this with a brand new aid at no extra cost. I can't thank Paul enough and highly recommend Digital Hearing Care. If you are considering hearing aids definitely get yourself booked in for a hearing test. Dave, Silsden.

Vera K

I found my new Phonak hearing aids wonderful ,once I got used to putting them in properly !With my previous aids, which were 5 years old, I had difficulty hearing the conversation when out with friends, but on a recent cruise, when sharing a table at dinner with four or six other people, I had no difficulty whatsoever joining in the conversation. Background noises are no longer a problem. Needless to say I am very happy with my new aids. I would like to say a big thank you to Paul Minikin for the excellent service he gives and his enthusiasm to get the very best outcome. It is lovely to meet someone who obviously enjoys his job so much and to whom nothing is too much trouble. V. Kenny.


Paul from Digital Hearing Care has provided a first class back-up service , since I purchased my Phonak cic hearing aids from him. After my hearing test Paul was particularly helpful and knowledgable, guiding me through the various manufacturers/models to enable me to make an informed decision. I would certainly recommend DHC, and will be contacting Paul for my next hearing aids. MT Leeds


A perfect service - speedy and attentive! Just what you need when having to make difficult choices about hearing aids. Thank you, Paul!


Digital Hearing Care is a first class company. I've been shopping with them for a number of years now and nothing it too much trouble. I would highly recommend.


Digital Hearing Care is a first class company. I've been shopping with them for a number of years now and nothing it too much trouble. I would highly recommend.


The service is second to none. The staff go above and beyond the call of duty to help you. Would highly recomend


I have been shopping with Digital Hearing Care for a number of years now and have had excellent service each time. The products are top brands at low prices and delivery has always been quick. If I have needed advice my email has always been answered quickly, even on a weekend, and the staff are all very friendly and do their best to help out in anyway. All in all I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Mrs J Warriner


I have always been very impressed by the help and service i have received from Digital Hearing Care. Nothing has been too much trouble and they also have an excellent service supplying batteries and other aids for the deaf. I bought an very useful alarm clock as an example.


First class personal service. No hesitation recommend others.


I have used the services of Digital Hearing Care since 2012, and on each occasion, I have received excellent service. The initial hearing test was conducted at home with the minimum of disruption and with great care. I was given a choice of hearing aids and advised on the best ones for me (and not the most expensive!). If I have had any issues with my hearing aids, I have always received excellent after-care. I have kept in touch with Paul and his team over the past three years and buy all of my hearing aid consumables from Digital Hearing Care.


Excellent personal service from first contact to fitting of hearing aids. First class after care shoud you need to use it. Competitive prices. Would recommend without hesitation.