Widex are a privately owned hearing aid company based in Denmark. They are currently ranked in the top 6 of all hearing aid manufacturers and are constantly improving their technology. They were the last of the big hearing aid manufacturers to set up a UK base which is currently in Cheshire. Widex also have shares in Bloom Hearing.

In 2018, Widex introduced their latest and most advanced platform technology. It led to a number of new features as well as the creation of their brand new Evoke range of hearing aids.

First let’s take a look at the models that are currently available from Widex.

Evoke – Available as:

  • BTE/Micro BTE (Behind The Ear)
  • RIC (Receiver In Canal)
  • ITE (In The Ear)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)

The Evoke is currently the most advanced hearing aids available from Widex. They are available in 4 technology levels, Evoke 440, Evoke 330, Evoke 220 and Evoke 110. They are available in a number of styles and colours to suit every taste and requirement. They have directly replaced the previous Unique range of hearing aids.

The Evoke range also features one of the smallest ‘open fit’ hearing aids available known as the Evoke Passion and a power RIC known as the Evoke Fusion.

Some companies will still try to sell older hearing aid models so for your reference, here is a list of some Widex models that have been superseded.

  • Widex Unique range
  • Widex Dream range
  • Widex Clear range
  • Widex Mind range
  • Widex Passion 440, 115, 100 and 105

Widex’s new platform has allowed Widex not only to improve the features that their customers know and love, but introduce some new ones designed to make the whole listening experience more personal. Here is a link to the Widex Evoke brochure with some of the key new enhancements available with Widex Evoke.

Widex have also developed a range of accessories known as the DEX range which are compatible with any of Widex’s wireless hearing aid models. This allows you to connect with devices such as your TV, Music player or phone. If you would like more information about Widex’s full range of wireless accessories please visit our sister site here.

If you are interested in a particular model of Widex hearing aid, just hover your mouse over the ‘Products’ tab above, you will see a drop down menu appear, hover your mouse over ‘Widex Hearing Aids’ and you will see the whole current range to choose from. Just select your choice from there!

Widex Hearing Aid Prices

Widex Evoke Consumer Brochure