Unitron Max – the super power option from Unitron for hearing aid wearers with a severe to profound hearing loss.

Unitron Max provides all the usable power required to achieve optimal audibility and sound awareness, while ensuring comfort and high acceptance for experienced hearing aid wearers.The Unitron Max fits hearing loss up to 120 dB, with an impressive peak output of 142 dB SPL and peak gain of 82 dB SPL (2 cc). It has a sophisticated Feedback Management System and provides more usable gain before the onset of feedback.

Unitron Max is available in two battery sizes, 675 and 13, and in three technology levels, Max 20, Max 6 and Max E, to cater for all budgets and lifestyles.

Unitron Max has an impressive feature set, click the image to the right for a larger version of the feature breakdown.

Unitron Max redefines reliability. Max is water resistant thanks to plasma coating that protects against humidity, dampness and perspiration.

The plasma coating is bound to the hearing instrument surface providing corrosion protection that lasts. A robust shell is proven to protect against extreme temperatures, impact, shock, dust and debris for vital endurance and reliability.

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