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Siemens Motion Primax BTE’s can fit any ear and is the right solution for individuals with active lifestyles: fully featured, hassle-free and reliable.

With convenient onboard controls, Siemens Motion Primax offers a high degree of wearing and handling comfort.

Siemens Motion Primax has the next generation of Soundability – providing a uniquely individual hearing experience right from the start.

The rechargeable Motion SX Primax and the DAI-ready Motion SA Primax come in a new, sleek design with improved directionality. This makes them not only very discreet and comfortable to wear but also provides the best possible listening performance.

As behind-the-ear hearing aids, Motion models are very robust: IP67-rated, they are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt – for greater reliability.

Directional microphones – Optimised placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance.

Dual onboard controls – Push button and rocker switch on one device.

Tinnitus noiser – Option for easy, controllable and effective relief from tinnitus.

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