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Every couple of years each of the manufacturers we deal with tend to release a new range of hearing aids to the market. The newer ranges tend to have faster processors, more on board memory and generally offer some improvements over the previous range.

All this extra processing power is used to enhance existing features built into hearing aid technology, and to introduce new features too.

It makes sense to buy the very latest technology available and get the best results, at Digital Hearing Care we only supply the newest technology as a point of principle.

Some companies unfortunately still supply the older superseded models and market them as the very latest technology without telling the customer! We think that’s a bit naughty.

Some companies also re-brand their hearing aids to make comparisons difficult, for more details click here

Examples of older, superseded technology are Oticon Alta Pro and Oticon Alta, Oticon Nera Pro and Nera, Oticon Ria Pro and Ria, (Alta, Nera and Ria ranges were superseded by Alta2, Nera2 and Ria2 versions in March 2015), Oticon Chili SP, Oticon Agil Pro and Oticon Agil, Oticon Acto Pro and Acto, Oticon Ino Pro and Ino.

Oticon Product and Features Comparison Chart

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