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Oticon Ria2 offers excellent sound quality and preserves sounds in their natural form to make hearing both easy and realistic. Ria2 features a technology that synchronises the performance of the two instruments, which gives you a balanced listening experience in order to create better speech understanding.

The Oticon Ria2 Pro takes advantage of the faster processing capabilities of the new Inium Sense chip already used in the Oticon Alta2 Pro and Oticon Nera2 Pro. Features include Binaural Synchronisation, Free Focus Essential, Inium Feedback Shield and YouMatic Essential to give performance excellence and high satisfaction.

The Ria2 Pro, unusually for an entry level hearing aid, has full bluetooth connectivity options, Ria2 Pro wearers can take advantage of the ConnectLine range of wireless streaming devices.

Oticon’s intelligent wireless connectivity solution offers a direct connection to devices such as telephones, TVs or remote microphones, playing these sounds directly through your hearing aids so you can hear them as clearly as possible without upsetting or interfering with the listening of others around you. In this way, you can adjust whatever you are listening to and enjoy sounds as you like, directly into your ears through the hearing aids.

The wireless system helps you choose the input with minimal steps or adjustments and makes the process as easy as possible. Answering your mobile phone is as easy as pressing one button. In addition, some listening conditions end up easier than for listeners with normal hearing. For example, you can easily listen to the telephone in both ears, something conventional telephones do not offer you.

N.B. The Oticon Ria2 Pro and Oticon Ria2 replace the older Ria Pro (H110) and Ria (H100).

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