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The Oticon DesignRITE offers the worlds smallest fully wireless RITE hearing solution with binaural processing and streaming capabilities, it is packed to the gills with technology and yet is virtually invisible.

The Oticon DesignRITE offers an ultra discreet, high performance hearing solution designed especially for first time users. Based on extensive customer research Oticon realised they needed to exploit a unique combination of parameters in order to help make acceptance easy and comfortable.

Discreetness – the subtle organic form of the DesignRITE and its fully automatic sound processing make it unnoticeable not just to the user but to others too.

Performance – The DesignRITE delivers both transparency and Oticon’s finest sound quality ever to improve speech understanding right from the start.

Acceptance – The DesignRITE has been tailored in every way to maximise first time user enjoyment and minimise the effort required to adapt to the world of amplified sound.

Available in three technology levels from mid range through to premium and with thirteen different colours including skin and hair tones, the Oticon DesignRITE is a very eye catching design in every way.

The Oticon DesignRITE has full bluetooth connectivity options, Oticon DesignRITE wearers can take advantage of the ConnectLine range of wireless streaming devices.

Oticon’s intelligent wireless connectivity solution offers a direct connection to devices such as telephones, TVs or remote microphones, playing these sounds directly through your hearing aids so you can hear them as clearly as possible without upsetting or interfering with the listening of others around you. In this way, you can adjust whatever you are listening to and enjoy sounds as you like, directly into your ears through the hearing aids.

The wireless system helps you choose the input with minimal steps or adjustments and makes the process as easy as possible. Answering your mobile phone is as easy as pressing one button. In addition, some listening conditions end up easier than for listeners with normal hearing. For example, you can easily listen to the telephone in both ears, something conventional telephones do not offer you.

Features available in the Oticon DesignRITE can include Speech Guard, Spatial Sound, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Aligned Compression and Connectline connectivity.

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