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Oticon Range

Oticon – The renowned Danish manufacturer of quality hearing instruments based in the UK at Hamilton, Scotland. Oticon have been in existence for over a hundred years. At Digital Hearing Care we consider Oticon to be one of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the UK. They are part of the William Demant group of companies which includes the manufacturer Bernafon and the retail chain Hidden Hearing. Oticon invest heavily into research and development, their technology is class leading and has a reputation for great build quality, their ‘in the ear’ technology in particular always looks good in the ear.

Let’s take a look at the models that are currently available from Oticon.

Oticon OPN (Premium) – Available as:

  • RITE (receiver In The Ear)

Oticon OPN is built on the new Velox platform, which processes sound at extreme speed to remove distracting noise, even between words, so that OPN users can easily follow conversation even in environments with multiple people speaking, such as crowded restaurants. OPN connects directly to mobile devices and other external devices with just a tap of the fingertips, streaming audio directly to the hearing aids. OPN is also the world’s first hearing device that is connected to the Internet of Things.

Alta2 and Alta2 Pro (Premium) – Available as:

  • BTE (Behind The Ear)
  • RITE (Receiver In The Ear)
  • ITE (In The Ear)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)

The Alta2 Pro is the higher level of technology and the Alta2 is the lower. They are available in a choice of colours and are currently Oticon’s most advanced hearing instruments. The Alta2 and Alta2 Pro replaced the older Alta and Alta Pro.

Nera2 and Nera2 Pro (Mid Range) – Available as:

  • BTE (Behind The Ear)
  • RITE (Receiver In The Ear)
  • ITE (In The Ear)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)

This is the next technology level down from the Alta2/Alta2 Pro and has the same range of colours. The Nera2 and Nera2 Pro replaced the older Nera and Nera Pro.

Ria2 and Ria2 Pro (Entry Level) – Available as:

  • BTE (Behind The Ear)
  • RITE (Receiver In The Ear)
  • ITE (In The Ear)
  • CIC (Completely In Canal)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)

This is the next technology level down from the Nera2/Nera2 Pro and like the others, comes with a choice of colours. The Ria2 and Ria2 Pro replaced the older Ria and Ria Pro.

Chili SP – Available as a BTE (Behind The Ear)

The Oticon Chili is a super power hearing aid and although it is only available in the one style, it has 3 technology levels to choose from Chili SP9, Chili SP7 and Chili SP5. You may find the Chili rebranded in other places as the PW70 (Chili SP9), PW50 (Chili SP7) and PW30 (Chili SP5).

Some companies will still try to supply older hearing aid models so for your reference, here is a list of some Oticon models that have been superseded.

  • Oticon Agil Pro and Agil
  • Oticon Acto Pro and Acto
  • Oticon Ino Pro and Ino
  • Oticon Epoq range
  • Oticon Dual range
  • Oticon Tego Pro and Tego
  • Oticon Delta range
  • Oticon Vigo Pro and Vigo
  • Oticon Hit Pro and Hit
  • Oticon Sumo

We have many enquiries about pricing from customers of Hidden Hearing about Oticon hearing aids in particular, they almost always seem to recommend Oticon (could it have something to do with the fact they are both part of the same holding group I wonder?). Hidden Hearing’s Oticon prices tend to be very expensive compared to the rest of the market, we advise you to check out our prices for comparison. Hidden Hearing rebrand their Oticon range of hearing aids which makes direct price comparisons difficult, for a more in depth article on Oticon hearing aid rebranding please click here

Thanks to their leading edge technology Oticon have been able to introduce excellent features into their hearing aid range, all designed to make sure you have the best and clearest hearing experience possible. Let’s take a look at the main features available in the Oticon range of hearing aids.

Please note that not all features listed below are available on all models. For more specific feature information, please refer to our individual product pages.

Depending on the model you choose, Oticon hearing aids can offer up to 10 Channels for processing the different frequencies.

To ensure you receive clear speech, these hearing aids offer SpeechGuard E to adjust noise levels and retain a natural quality and Spatial Sound Premium to separate speech from noise and help clarify direction. They also feature Binaural noise management which uses the hearing aids ability to communicate with each other to further improve noise management.

These hearing aids also offer the Feedback Shield which helps to prevent any of the irritating whistling noises that may occur.

The YouMatic feature allows you to personalise your hearing aids. You can adjust things like sound preference, noise management and compression.

Many of Oticon’s new range of hearing aids are compatible with wireless accessories. Oticon have introduced their own accessories for their hearing aids known as Connectline. With these, you can easily connect your hearing aids to a number of different devices for extra ease and convenience. Currently in the Connectline range is the Connectline Streamer, Connectline TV, Connectline Phone and Connectline Microphone.

If you would like more information about Oticon’s full range of wireless accessories please visit our sister site here.

If you are interested in a particular model of Oticon hearing aid, just hover your mouse over the ‘Brands’ tab above and you will see the whole current range to choose from. Just select your choice from there!

Oticon Hearing Aid Prices