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Bernafon – The Swiss manufacturer of hearing instruments based in the UK at the Oticon factory in Hamilton, Scotland.

For over 60 years Bernafon have developed hearing systems thanks to Swiss engineering and precision technology.

Bernafon pioneered new hearing aid technology including the first programmable hearing aids and Channelfree signal processing.

As part of William Demant Holdings Bernafon products can be ordered from the Oticon factory (Bernafon, Oticon and the high street retailer Hidden Hearing are all part of the same organisation).

Bernafon products are quite widely dispensed in some parts of the world but are very rarely supplied in the UK hearing aid market, apart from a very small number of small independent hearing aid audiologists.

So apart from the occasional client that has lost hearing aids that need replacing like for like, it is unlikely that we would ever supply Bernafon products, although we do list their prices on our website for comparison purposes.

Bernafon Hearing Aid Prices