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We offer a free hearing test, good quality advice and low hearing aid prices in the comfort of your own home to anyone in Warrington and the surrounding areas of Lancashire, Manchester and Yorkshire.

If you live outside these areas, don’t worry, we are part of a network of independent hearing aid audiologists, we can put you in touch with local hearing aid suppliers in most areas of the UK.

Have you ever wondered ‘How much do hearing aids cost?’ The answer is it depends on who you are asking!

If you have been advised recently by any of the national companies such as Hidden Hearing, Amplifon, Ormerods of Boots and most other national retailers we would strongly recommend you ask us for a like for like hearing aid prices comparison, you could save yourself a lot of money.

We would encourage anyone thinking of purchasing to compare our hearing aid prices and levels of service.

As independent suppliers of digital hearing aids we have access to the full range of hearing aids available in the UK and can choose the best solution for each client based on their budget and lifestyle.

We have no ties to any particular hearing aid manufacturer, as most of the larger national companies do.

We can supply all the digital hearing aids available in the UK.

Great aftercare is the key to our success. Every client is within easy reach of our hearing aid audiologists and we are committed to ensuring your hearing aids give you great benefit.

We are available as often as you need us, we find particularly in the early months of getting used to your new hearing aids the need for great aftercare and the availability of speedy assistance is at it’s greatest.

For many years we have been successfully helping the people of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester.