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Digital Hearing Care are THE leading independent supplier of digital hearing aids in Skipton and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester.

Our head office and adminstration is based in the nearby town of Keighley.

Our chief audiologist Paul Minikin lives in a village on the outskirts of Skipton so you can be assured of a very personal and attentive service with excellent aftercare.

Email by Ella S., Skipton, North Yorkshire

Dear Paul, Wow! Thank you so much for all your help, support and endless patience in identifying and fitting hearing aids for me. Both my family life and my work are so much easier for me now, and the iCom has made using the telephone so much more comfortable.

Some might say it was ‘third time lucky!’ but I really don’t think luck came into it! Your understanding of my personal situation – mother, musician and PA in a school – and the slightly unusual nature of my hearing loss, coupled with your patient insistence that the right solution WOULD be found encouraged me to persevere: not once did you ever make me feel I was being a nuisance with all my questions and niggles.

It may have taken a little while to get there, but I certainly enjoy that ‘wow’ moment every day when I put in my hearing aids. I will not hesitate to recommend Digital Hearing Care to anyone who needs help and advice in respect of their hearing.

Thank you again.  Best wishes. Ella