Digital Hearing Care are THE leading independent supplier of digital hearing aids in Greater Manchester. We also cover most of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

If you buy hearing aids from us we are never too far away when you need us for service calls, adjustments etc.

So what do we offer that makes us a great choice?

Just About The Most Competitive Prices Around – As we are prominent on the internet our prices HAVE to be very competitive, if we aren’t close to the lowest prices around we wouldn’t attract any enquiries at all.

In fact we are substantially cheaper than most hearing aid suppliers, sometimes the difference between our prices and particularly some of the national high street chains is quite astounding!

The Widest Choice of Hearing Aid Technology Available – Unlike most of our competition (including virtually all the high street chains) we are fully independent hearing aid suppliers and offer the FULL range of digital hearing aids from ALL the suppliers in the UK.

Great Aftercare – Price is obviously a very important aspect in any major purchase but actually we believe the biggest, most important and overlooked aspect of hearing aid purchase is the future – the aftercare you receive when you have spent your money.

It is so important that you have really good aftercare on hand to make sure you receive the best possible result from your hearing aids, with the best will in the world and the best technology if your hearing aid audiologist just doesn’t know how best to make use of the technology you have bought you won’t get as good a result as you deserve.

We take great care to provide you with excellent aftercare, check out our Testimonials page to see what our customers say about us.

We offer a free hearing test, good quality advice and low hearing aid prices in the comfort of your own home to anyone in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

If you live outside these areas, don’t worry, we are part of a network of independent hearing aid audiologists, we can put you in touch with local hearing aid suppliers in most areas of the UK.