Digital Hearing Care are a local independent hearing aid supplier based in West Yorkshire and covering the Leeds area.

We are one of the most prominent hearing aid audiologists in Leeds and West Yorkshire and also throughout most of Lancashire and Manchester too.

The fact we are so prominent on the internet means our prices HAVE to be very competitive, there’s no hiding unfeasibly high prices on the internet – it’s all transparent and our pricing strategy really stands the test of scrutiny.

Please feel free to compare our hearing aid prices to any hearing aid supplier in the Leeds area or beyond, we fare very well particularly compared to the high street chains who can be very expensive in comparison like for like and brand for brand. Outrageously compared to some suppliers we can be up to half the price!

Having said all that, at Digital Hearing Care over the years we have always believed that THE most important part of hearing aid supply is the quality of the aftercare service provided, no matter what you have paid for hearing aids and whether it’s the very best technology available or not, if the aftercare package is lacking you just won’t get value for money or the hearing you deserve.

Check out our testimonials page to get an idea of what sort of company we are.

Another way we stand out from the crowd is that we are totally independent and can supply hearing aids from every manufacturer available in the UK, a large percentage of our competitors have small and limited ranges from a couple of hearing aid manufacturers.

So to recap, why should you choose Digital Hearing Care to assess your hearing and advise you which hearing aids are best for you? – We offer some of the best hearing aid prices around, certainly the widest choice of hearing aid technology, and we are convinced a level of aftercare better than most of the market.

Email Testimonial by Professor D.J. – Leeds, West Yorkshire

Hi Paul, Just back from our short break. Yes the new Oticon Agil Pro’s have worked well during our holiday. When out with the dog on the cliff path, I suddenly heard the sound of a skylark high up nearby. It was competing with another bird which I was also able to distinguish. I had not heard a skylark already in the sky, unless pointed out to me, for several years. That was an excellent test.

I have found the Oticon Agil Pro’s better than the Deltas, particularly when in the car driving and having to listen to people all round. I have also heard better when out walking. I would indeed like to keep the new aids. All the best, David