Digital Hearing Care are THE leading independent supplier of digital hearing aids in Harrogate and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester and are a locally based company with it’s head office in Yorkshire.

We offer a free hearing test, good quality advice and low hearing aid prices in the comfort of your own home to anyone in Harrogate and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester.

If you live outside these areas, don’t worry, we are part of a network of independent hearing aid audiologists, we can put you in touch with local hearing aid suppliers in most areas of the UK.

Email Testimonial by Mrs. M.J., Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Over the past few years my hearing has deteriorated, recently to the extent that I struggled to keep up with conversations.

Having always been an outgoing, sociable person I began to lose confidence when in social situations.

I explored several web sites and found Digital Hearing Care. The web site was very informative and I contacted Paul Minikin.

It was very important to me that any aids were unobtrusive. Paul was sensitive to my concerns and reservations. After discussions, he suggested some Phonak hearing aids which were newly available.

I was delighted when I had them fitted as they could not be noticed even though I have short hair.

The difference they have made to me is remarkable. I have regained my confidence in all situations especially large group conversations and now the television can be at an acceptable volume!!!!!