Hello it’s Helen here from Digital Hearing Care, it has been a while since there was any product news on the hearing aid scene but we are now back into the launch season once again. The first to kick it off was the American manufacturer Starkey who have their UK base in Stockport – Paul and I recently attended their launch in Chester for the latest product updates.

Firstly let’s discuss the Muse iQ. It is available in a variety of styles from custom In-the-ear to behind the ear options . One of the options available is a rechargeable RIC (Receiver in the canal) model which is currently the smallest on the market.

There is also a new Power Plus version with a size 13 battery as well as a Cros system for single sided deafness – the first Cros system on the market to be rechargeable.

One of the main features of the Muse range is Acuity Immersion with variations on the technology based on the model type. Acuity Immersion for single mic aids (small custom aids) helps with localisation and externalisation by giving access to higher frequency sounds which previously would not have been accessed. This feature will help those in more complex situations when sounds are all around. This feature is only really suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

For the rest of the range (anything with two mics) there is Acuity Immersion Directionality which mimics the effect of our ear. The shape of our outer ear – our pinna- helps us to locate where sounds come from but particularly with BTEs (behind the ear) the mics are on the top of our ear and so the pinna effect isn’t used. Acuity Immersion Directionality overcomes this aspect.

With all the IQ range there is the feature called Acuity Quiet which reduces very low level noise. Some users can hear a type of ‘circuit noise’ or can hear very low sounds too much which can interfere with speech or the main source of sound you want to hear. This feature should eliminate this as it is designed to remove all sounds below speech.

Now let’s talk about the Halo iQ. Halo iQ is available only in a RIC or BTE and has a rechargeable option. It is a little larger than the Muse as it has more wireless options so needs a bigger chip to accommodate this. The new feature of Acuity Immersion Directionality as discussed above is also in the Halo.

As with the previous Halo it is a great option for those who want direct streaming from Apple devices.

Finally the SoundLens has also been updated to the iQ which is Starkey’s (IIC) invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid. For those with ears and hearing suitable this is a very small device with the option to work wirelessly – see my previous blog post on IICs for more information- CLICK HERE

I hope you found this blog of interest and if you would like any further information on these or any other products please do not hesitate to contact me.

Also keep a look out for more posts soon as we are now at peak launch season with several launches in the pipeline from most manufacturers.

Until then thanks for reading and take care, regards – Helen