Starkey Destiny 1200

I have worn hearing aids for about 14 years, due to a childhood illness that was not pick up until the damage to my ear drums was done.

The first ones were simple behind the ears from NHS, they did the job, but were clumsy and I must admit I felt self conscious when wearing them, resulting in taking them out when with friends and socialising. On the death of my parents with some of the inheritance I was able to by a much better quality pair. I purchased Starkey Destiny 1200.

From the moment I first used them i was hooked. Simple to put in and once in forgotten about. I could hear sounds never heard before, birds singing – good, traffic noise from a distance – not so good, but the one that surprised me the most was walking on gravel- its noisy! , it still surprises me now.

Also my friends noticed the difference, I took part in conversations more, stopped saying pardon every few words. It has 3 setting of which i use 2 mostly, normal and long distance (theatre mode). I can discreetly press the button without anyone really noticing. Best of all, once in no one notices them or even sees them unless you are side on to them.

I am on my second pair now with a 4 year service. They are great. Because they are in the actual ear the life is not as long as behind the ear models but my first pair lasted 8 years (and I work outside in the rain).

David B.

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