Phonak Roger – Revolutionary Successor to Phonak FM Systems

Phonak RogerPhonak Roger – Coming soon, a new breakthrough in technology that promises a leap forward in improving signal to noise ratios for the hard of hearing.

Phonak have of course for a long time been at the forefront of FM hearing assistive technology, as one of the leading suppliers of FM Hearing Systems in the UK we are VERY excited about the possibilities of Phonak Roger.

Phonak Roger will be available to the educational market from late June 2013, and later into the private sector (release date to be confirmed). FM hearing systems are proven to greatly assist the technically difficult areas of hearing speech in noise, overcoming distance and reverberation, and Phonak have been leading the way with their Dynamic FM technology launched 6 years ago.

Phonak Roger lifts the game to a whole new level. Of particular benefit to the educational sector is the easier setup of Phonak Roger compared to previous FM hearing systems such as Phonak’s own and other FM hearing systems from other manufacturers. Phonak Roger works on an entirely new frequency range, there are no problems with frequency interference and no extra equipment needed to change broadcasting frequencies. Performance enhancements compared to older technology are of course to be welcomed.

So how do FM hearing systems work? They overcome background noise, distance and reverberation by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener. A simple but very effective concept called ‘direct audio input’ puts the transmitted audio direct into the wearers ears. Also built into the technology is excellent noise suppression that very effectively reduces extraneous noise ‘on the fly’. FM Systems can help enormously with these different groups of people;


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As new details emerge about Phonak Roger we will post the information, in the meantime please also keep checking back to our dedicated sister website FM Hearing Systems for more detail.

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