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Phonak Roger

Hearing soft voices and hearing over distance

For adults and teenagers it is not always possible to hand a wireless microphone to the person speaking, for example if the talker is standing or sitting a few feet away.
The Roger Pen addresses this distance challenge with a new algorithm that can reduce ‘perceived distance’ by up to 75% in quiet situations.

This ‘close-up’ feature uses an innovative new way of combining an adaptive gain model with an advanced beamformer. It is activated automatically when the user points the Roger Pen towards the person they want to hear.

Conference mode

Listening to a group of people sitting around a table, which often happens at work or at dinner, can be challenging for those with a hearing loss.
The Roger Pen addresses this crucial use case with its automatic conference mode. This mode is activated by placing the microphone on a flat surface such as a table – choice of microphone mode, noise cancellation, gain and the pick-up of voices are controlled automatically. Placing the Roger Pen on the table in the middle of the group and switching it on is all that is required.

phonak roger pensSilent Landing

If the Roger Pen is accidentally dropped, its accelerometer immediately detects this. Within just a few centimeters/inches of free fall, the device will automatically mute its microphones before it has hit the floor. As a result, connected Roger Pen listeners will not hear an uncomfortable banging sound when the device lands. Immediately following this ’silent landing’, the Roger Pen will continue to operate normally.

Listening to the TV and music

The Roger Pen (and Roger Clip-On Mic) are both supplied with a docking station. This not only serves as a battery charger, but when connected to a TV (or any multimedia device) also functions as
an audio streamer – sending the sound of the TV into the listener’s hearing instruments or CI processors via their Roger receivers. Another new feature in the Roger Pen is the automatic adaptation of the system’s gain model when an audio signal is fed into the audio input of the Roger Pen (or Roger Clip-On Mic).

By shifting the knee-point for compression of the wireless microphone to higher sound pressure levels, and adjusting the gain in the receiver, the dynamic range is enlarged, while the average loudness remains unchanged. This expansion of the dynamic range has a highly positive effect on the richness and depth of the music the listener hears, due to the difference in loudness between soft and loud passages being increased.

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