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Oticon Spirit ZestFollowing a medical examination a couple of months ago, I was recommended to seek further advice as my hearing was losing its sensitivity in the higher frequency range….not exceptional as I am now 79 years of age. I first contacted a local firm which offered ‘free’ hearing tests and their findings confirmed my earlier medical report. As my local Doctor’s surgery is most helpful, I then arranged an appointment with them and a contact with my local NHS Audiologist was made.

Again, the NHS audiologist tested my hearing and recommended the ‘Oticon’ Spirit Zest with a thin ‘Corda’ sound tube, ear grip and dome for insertion in my ear. The behind-the-ear receiver was light and had a volume control which I do not find I use. The whole ‘unit’ is virtually invisible in normal face to face encounters and I do not feel the embarrassment that I had feared were I to be using an ‘Earmould’. I had felt an ‘earmould’ would be an obvious indication to others that I had a hearing problem.

In use, the ‘Oticon’ fitting is very simple and the improvement in my hearing (particularly at the higher frequencies) markedly improved. There is no discomfort and I hardly notice that I am wearing the aid at all.

Above all, I would recommend anyone needing to check on their hearing to visit a qualified independent audiologist and first try the NHS who provide excellent Hearing Aids completely free of charge. With decent commercial alternatives costing over £1,000 you need good independent advice before making a decision on whether you need to spend any money at all.

Charles H.

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