Hello all, Helen here. I just wanted to do a quick update on the Oticon OPN product range. Oticon have recently introduced the new range of custom ‘in the ear’ hearing aids using the OPN technology.

Oticon OPN was launched in 2017 with Receiver in the Ear versions (RITE). You can read all about the OPN technology which comes in a range of 3 technology styles by clicking here which will take you to my original blog.

The OPN is now available in all styles from Invisible In the Canal (IIC) through to the larger Full Shell model (ITE) as below;

Oticon have always been excellent at making very discreet hearing aids and have in my experience produced the smallest IIC’s (the most discreet / invisible type of hearing aids that sit deep in the ear canal) when compared to competitors. They are now claiming that their IICs are even smaller and so could potentially now be suitable for those with narrow ear canals who were previously judged unsuitable for this type of invisible hearing aid.

The downside to the smaller models is that there isn’t really room for the wireless chip and so wireless audio streaming to iPhones, ConnectClips and other devices will not be possible in such a small device (at this point…that may change i future…).

The compromise between technology and style is still an issue for many and no one manufacturer is yet able to solve it…… So if streaming wirelessly to other devices is something you are really interested in then you would need to look at either a custom ‘in the ear’ OPN product with at least a size 312 battery or opt for the over the ear styles such as BTE/RITE.

Many customers though do not feel the need to stream phone calls / music directly to their hearing aids and “just want to hear better” along with using the most discreet invisible type of hearing aids. If this is you then the excellent Oticon OPN sound quality is now available to you in any of the styles you see in the image above.

In addition to launching the new custom range, Oticon have also introduced an entry level product called Siya 1 and 2. This is a good product for those on a lower budget or who have a more sedate lifestyle that does not require the aid to adapt automatically to complex sound environments.

If you would like more information please click here to see prices and product specification.

Thanks for reading, until next time! – Helen