GN Resound have recently launched their first premium plus hearing aid. It is available in a Receiver In the Canal style with a rechargeable and a non rechargeable option. The Rechargeable is officially launched in November 2018. As it is a premium plus product it is available in the top two technology levels of 9 and 7. It is priced at the premium end (click here for prices) but there are several added features to justify this.

One of these features is the new LiNX Quattro chip which has 100% more speed with twice the memory of the existing ReSound technology which will allow a higher performance with reduced power consumption.

The new chip also allows for a greater frequency response – extending the bandwidth to 9.5 kHz which will give better access to higher frequencies. The access to these tones along with the Spatial Sense facility helps with locating sounds from the front or back.

If you have previously found that listening to music has been problematic then this could be the product for you thanks to the higher dynamic range and music mode. This means that louder sounds (such as music which is normally louder than say speech) will not be compromised. With these features the varying levels of music should be maintained and remain clear and distortion-free.

The LiNX Quattro will connect wirelessly direct to apple devices without an intermediary device and has an app which allows adjustments to be made just like the Linx 3D. Currently it is not possible to connect directly with android phones but hopefully this feature is not too far away……

As previously mentioned the new chip means that power consumption has been reduced by 20% which would result in a longer battery life than previous products. With the new rechargeable LiNX Quattro this too has been upgraded from previous versions of rechargeable hearing aids from GN ReSound.

The LiNX Quattro has a completely sealed lithium ion battery and an easy to use charger. A charge of 3 hours will give you 24-30 hrs battery life (depends on how much you stream audio). Alternatively if you forgot to charge your aid overnight a quick one hour charge would give 16 hours, or 30 minutes would give 8 hours. The charger itself also has its own lithium iron battery giving up to 3 days worth of hearing aid charging – handy for those of you who travel!

Thanks for reading and as always if you have any queries please feel free to contact me. Regards, Helen