Hello, it’s Helen from Digital Hearing Care. This week I’ve had a visit from our GN ReSound representative. She came to show us their exciting new product the ReSound LiNX 3D which is now available as of the 1st May 2017. It’s a REALLY interesting new product on a couple of levels.

In my opinion there are two types of people who will be particularly interested in the LiNX 3D. The first group being those clients who only want custom in-the-ear hearing aids but with the latest advances in technology and the second group are those clients who are particularly interested in gadgets and technology such as apps to enhance the usability, in any hearing aid style.

Let’s take a look at the first group and discuss the custom fit ‘in the ear’ hearing aids available in the LiNX 3D. The product is available in all styles from the most discreet CIC (completely in the canal) to the over the ear styles. However the use of the app and streaming capabilities will only be available for those aids with wireless capabilities with a size 312 battery or bigger (ITC, or ‘in the canal’ size), so the smallest CIC which is a size 10 battery will not be wireless. I guess you could call it a choice of cosmetics over practicality?

Resound is the first manufacturer to offer wireless streaming direct into in their custom in the ear hearing aids from an iOS device with no intermediary device, like an iPhone or iPad – it’s a really big deal, an advance in custom ‘in the ear’ aids, one we’ve been hoping for a long time for!!

Along with this wireless streaming GN also claim that the Resound LiNX 3D is up to 50% better at identifying different types of speech environments. LiNX 3D hearing aids work together, continuously exchanging data about your sound environment for optimized performance. This is of benefit if the correct environment is identified most often, and then the correct features can be activated to help most for that setting.

This improved hearing aid technology means that you should expect to get the most help in those complex environments where hearing aid wearers struggle the most.

ReSound Smart 3D

Now let’s have a look at the more technical aspect of the product. If you have a smart phone and would like to wirelessly use your hearing aids to hear music, take calls etc or use an app to make a variety of adjustments to your aids then read on…

The new app (ReSound Smart 3D) is the most comprehensive app currently on the market of its kind, I am very impressed with it. It is available for iPhone and Android devices. The way the app works is that it develops in more detail the more you use it.

The app will give you a simple run through to start with, and then it will send you hints and tips the more you use it to get more from the app and your ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids. This would be particularly useful for those customers who have never had hearing aids before to ensure they can adapt to the new sounds they start to hear.

In addition to this you can adjust how much help is needed to reduce noise, the ‘shape’ of the sound the LiNX 3D are delivering and the amount of focus (directionality) that is needed in the settings they are in. Clever stuff!

As with the Oticon OPN or the Widex Beyond (see my previous blog posts) hearing aids can now stream phone calls or listen to videos / music directly from their phones or tables to their aids.  With the Linx 3D for Apple devices this is direct with no intermediary device, for Android a small phone clip needs to be used to transmit the sound.

Resound Assist

One of the most interesting facets of this product for me though is the new Resound Assist which is a new and improved way of making small fine tuning adjustments to your LiNX 3D hearing aids. The initial fit of your ReSound LiNX 3D will be done as usual in the clinic or home environment.

Following this if any further small adjustments or fine tuning that is required can actually be performed remotely via the Resound Smart 3D app.

This app allows you to keep notes on the issues you are experiencing and a log of your currents settings in the LiNX 3D. A quick tap of the app sends that info to your hearing professional. The audiologist can then make the changes they feel are necessary to overcome the issues you are encountering and send the file directly back to you, which then changes the hearing aid settings accordingly.

This in theory should reduce time waiting to see your hearing professional and for those customers who travel or work full time this may be of great appeal. However if the issue is complex or you would rather have a face to face meeting then this should always be made available.

We would always recommend reasonably regular contact with your hearing professional regardless, but it does offer an extra and welcome dimension to hearing aid fittings. Convenient for some clients? This would not be suitable for every client but where it fits in, yes of course!

For ReSound hearing aid prices and general product details click ReSound LiNX 3D

I hope this has been an interesting read for you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Until next time, take care – Helen