Hello all, recently I attended a Phonak product launch for their latest power hearing aid- the new Phonak Naida B.

I thought about writing a blog post on this product alone but to be honest it is just a chip update to the power version of the Belong range which has already been discussed in previous blog posts. Instead, I thought that it may be of more interest to compare and contrast some of the power hearing aids we supply to clients with big hearing loss who need plenty of power.

So let’s start with the Phonak Naida B. It is a very powerful aid which is available in BTE and RIC form. The RIC (thin dicreet wire with a speaker in the ear) is also available in a rechargeable option. There are four technology levels – B30, B50, B70 and B90 (B30 being entry level and B90 at premium level). They are available as a Super Power version with a size 13 battery option and an Ultra Power with a size 675 battery. (The UP version has a bigger battery, is slightly bigger generally (not noticeably) and has a little extra power at its disposal).

There is no facility for direct streaming from iPhone / android mobile phones (a fairly common feature nowadays) but this end can be achieved with an intermediary device, say a Phonak ComPilot II.

The standout features of Naida B are –

  • Sound Recover 2 – this gives more audibility in high pitch sounds
  • Binaural Voice stream- this gives more help in noisy environments
  • Rechargeable option

GN ReSound is a manufacturer which I really rate due to the success I have had with their power product in their hearing aid range – ReSound Enzo. The latest chip update is the Enzo 3D2 released in 2017 which is available in 3 technology levels – 9, 7 and 5 and can be purchased in a BTE and RIC form. Like the Phonak it is available in a Super power size 13 battery or an Ultra Power 675 battery.

There is no rechargeable option but you can have direct streaming from iPhones which works really well. This enables you to receive phone calls and audio (like music etc) directly into the hearing aids from your phone or tablet. Also you can make adjustments to the sound shape/levels and programmes with the app on your phone. The app can work with any phone but to have streaming from androids an intermediary device would need to be worn.

The standout features of Enzo are-

  • Binaural Directionality lll – helps with localisation
  • Direct Streaming from Apple devices
  • Remote assist – to enable your device to be fine tuned remotely

Oticon has a product in the high power range called Oticon Dynamo. It is the oldest power product in this comparison as it was released in 2015. It is available in technology levels SP10, SP8, SP6 and SP4 and is available in a BTE Super power size 13 battery only. There is no option for rechargeable or direct streaming to the aids without an intermediary device.

The standout features of Dynamo are-

  • Speech Guard E – Preserves natural speech cues
  • Speech Rescue- ‘rescues’ high frequency sounds
  • Youmatic- allows more personalisation of the settings within the hearing aids

Widex Super is suitable for those with severe to profound losses but it is only available in an RIC form. There are two technology levels – Super 400 and Super 220. It uses a 675 battery but is still one of the smallest power options available. It has no direct streaming from bluetooth devices but again this end can be achieved with an intermediary device.

The main features of Super are-

  • One of the smallest yet most powerful RITEs
  • IE Compression system which helps with localisation
  • Audibility Extender- expands range of audible sound to help with speech perception

So that concludes my roundup of the range of power hearing aids that I routinely supply to clients, all the models have their pros and cons, and which brand and model suits best varies a lot depending on individual circumstances and need. I guess that’s my job, to work all that out for you to deliver a solution that makes the difference for you!

Thank you for reading, I hope my post was of interest and as always please comment or feel free to contact me on 01535 279285 (option 3) with any questions or to arrange a consultation. Also visit our hearing aid prices page for the information on our products. Take care for now! Regards, Helen