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Hearing Aid Prices


Below is pretty much the whole range of hearing aids available in the UK, if you want a price on any hearing aids not listed please just ask!

We offer a free hearing test at home (or in a centre if available) UK wide through our network of local, independent hearing aid specialists. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, the prices include fitting, free aftercare for the life of the hearing aids, VAT and either a two or five year manufacturers warranty depending on the manufacturer. (Extended warranties are available regardless, please ask for details).PriceMatch

  • Free Hearing Test
  • Great Warranties
  • Inclusive of VAT
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lowest Prices Around
  • Latest Technology Supplied
  • Widest Choice Available
  • LIFETIME Free Aftercare
  • No Gimmics, Just Good Advice




Are our hearing aid prices the cheapest in the UK?* Probably not, but we are cheaper than 95% of hearing aid suppliers including most who are prominent on the internet. We have been around a long time, you can be assured of great aftercare, check out some of our customer testimonials

Some suppliers of hearing aids, particularly the national retailers tend to supply older technology at lower prices but don’t tell you the technology is past it’s sell by date! Also a common marketing ploy is to rebrand hearing aids under a different name or own label to make price comparisons difficult. We’re very happy to dig around and find out exactly what hearing aids others are advising you to buy… please just ask!

* If you can find a lower price than ours from any hearing aid supplier based in our trading area we will beat that price by £50 and also supply two years of free hearing aid batteries in with the price! N.B. A written quote on letter headed paper from companies trading more than two years with a sustainable aftercare policy is required to activate our Price Match Promise. Our Promise applies only to the Digital Hearing Care trading area, affiliates we recommend have their own business practices.

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Phonak Virto / Bolero Q90 (inc. Nano) £1595
Phonak Virto / Bolero Q70 (inc. Nano) £1295
Phonak Virto / Bolero Q50 (inc. Nano) £995
Phonak Virto / Bolero Q30 £595
Phonak Audeo Q90 RIC £1595
Phonak Audeo Q70 RIC £1295
Phonak Audeo Q50 RIC £995
Phonak Audeo Q30 RIC £595
Phonak Naida Q90 UP / SP / RIC £1595
Phonak Naida Q70 UP / SP / RIC £1295
Phonak Naida Q50 UP / SP / RIC £995
Phonak Naida Q30 UP / SP / RIC £595
Phonak CROS ITC Transmitter £795
Phonak CROS RIC Transmitter £695
Phonak Wireless Accessories Prices
Phonak Roger and FM Systems Website
Phonak Older Superseded Technology  

Phonak Product and Features Comparison  CONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Oticon Alta Pro (H330) including IIC £1595
Oticon Alta (H310) £1395
Oticon Nera Pro (H160) including IIC £1195
Oticon Nera (H150) £995
Oticon Ria Pro (H110) including IIC £795
Oticon Ria (H100) £595
Oticon   Alta Pro DesignRITE £1595
Oticon   Nera Pro DesignRITE £1195
Oticon   Ria Pro DesignRITE £795
Oticon Dual M7 (Plus 7k) £895
Oticon Dual M5 (Plus 5k) £695
Oticon Chili SP9 (HH PW70) £1595
Oticon Chili SP7 (HH PW50) £1195
Oticon Chili SP5 (HH PW30) £895
Oticon Wireless Accessories Prices
Oticon Oticon Hearing Aid Rebranding   
Oticon Older Superseded Technology  

Oticon Product and Features Comparison  CONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Widex Dream 440 ITE £1695
Widex Dream 330 ITE £1395
Widex Dream 220 ITE £1195
Widex Dream 110 ITE £995
Widex Dream 440 Passion / Fusion £1695
Widex Dream 330 Passion / Fusion £1395
Widex Dream 220 Passion / Fusion £1195
Widex Dream 110 Passion / Fusion £995
Widex Dream CROS £995
Widex Super440 £1695
Widex Super220 £1195
Widex Wireless Accessories Prices
Widex Older Superseded Technology  

Widex Product and Features Comparison   CONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Siemens Micon Ace / Pure / Motion 7mi £1595
Siemens Micon Ace / Pure / Motion 5mi £1395
Siemens Micon Pure / Motion 3mi £1095
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris / Insio 7mi £1595
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris / Insio 5mi £1395
Siemens Micon Life / Aquaris / Insio 3mi £1095
Siemens Orion £795
Siemens Sirion £695
Siemens Intuis £595
Siemens Nitro 7mi SP CIC / ITE / BTE £1595
Siemens Nitro 3mi SP CIC / ITE / BTE £1095
Siemens Wireless Accessories Prices
Siemens Older Superseded Technology  

Siemens Product and Features ComparisonCONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Resound  LiNX 9 £1645
Resound  LiNX 7 £1375
Resound Verso 9 £1595
Resound Verso 7 £1295
Resound Verso 5 £995
Resound  Lex 8 £1395
Resound  Lex 4 £1095
Resound Wireless Accessories Prices
Resound Older Superseded Technology  

Resound Product and Features ComparisonCONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Starkey 3 Series / Xino i110 / 110
Starkey 3 Series / Xino i90 / 90 £1295
Starkey 3 Series / Xino i70 / 70 £1095
Starkey 3 Series / Xino i30 / 30 £795
Starkey 3 Series / Xino i20 / 20 £495
Starkey  Halo i110 £1645
Starkey  Halo i90 £1345
Starkey Wireless Accessories Prices
Starkey Older Superseded Technology  

Starkey Product and Features Comparison CONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Unitron Quantum² 20 / Moxi² 20 £1495
Unitron Quantum² 16 / Moxi² 12 £1195
Unitron Quantum² 10 / Moxi² 6 £895
Unitron Quantum² E / Moxi² E £495
Unitron Wireless Accessories Prices
Unitron Older Superseded Technology  

Unitron Product and Features Comparison CONTACT US

Type of Hearing Aid Per Ear
Bernafon Acriva 9 £1495
Bernafon Acriva 7 £1095
Bernafon Chronos 5 £795
Bernafon Inizia 3 £695
Bernafon Inizia 1 £495
Bernafon Wireless Accessories Prices

Bernafon Product and Features ComparisonCONTACT US


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