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Digital Hearing Care - Hearing Aid Specialists

About Digital Hearing Care

Digital Hearing Care are a leading regional independent hearing aid supplier in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester and also UK wide through our comprehensive network of local hearing aid audiologists. We offer:

  • Low Prices - up to 50% lower than hearing aid prices elsewhere.
  • Widest Choice - We supply hearing aids from all the UK manufacturers.
  • Great Aftercare - We pride ourselves on providing excellent aftercare.


The Brands We Supply

We can supply low hearing aid prices from all the main manufacturers available in the UK, including Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, GN ReSound, Starkey, Unitron and Bernafon.


We only supply the very latest and very best hearing aid technology available from all of the worlds leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids.


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Newest Hearing Aids Just Released and Available Now

Phonak Audeo V RIC - V is for Venture!
The Phonak Audeo V provides double the processing power of the older Phonak Audeo Q range it replaces. Phonak Audeo V uses AutoSense OS – next generation technology automation for a seamless adaption from one soundscape to another. More
Oticon IIC's are now wireless!
Hot off the press from Danish manufacturer Oticon is that their CIC’s and most notably their IIC’s will be built standard as wireless compatible – a big deal in that Oticon are the first manufacturer ever to supply the smallest deep fit IIC hearing aids wirelessly More
GN ReSound LiNX - Made for iPhone
ReSound LiNX has an interesting trick up its sleeve – it is ‘Made for iPhone’. It wirelessly pairs with Apple gadgets to stream voice communications and music. ReSound quote “wireless stereo headphones that just happen to be your hearing aids”. More

Phonak Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Phonak Audeo Q70 312T

    I have been a hearing aid user since January 2014. Prior to this I had about ten years of struggle with my hearing. No one understood I felt isolated, had difficulty in groups, I am a keen golfer but when I went out in a three ball I was always left out of the conversation […]

Oticon Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Oticon Intiga 6

    My hearing deteriorated at the age of 27, probably before but that’s when I really started to notice. I went to the NHS and had a test and was given the NHS hearing aids. Which I then left in my draw because they were big and bulky and rather than aiding my hearing they made […]

Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Widex Clear Passion 440

    My Widex Clear Passion 440 were top on the range at time, Bluetooth enabled. I have found these aids to be pretty reliable and quite versatile. Easy to use, put them in in the morning, remove last thing at night. Quite heavy on batteries (they are tiny!) about 2 -3 days each amounting to approx 60 […]

Siemens Hearing Aid Review

  • Siemens Ace Micon

    After many years my husband finally agreed to purchase a Siemens Ace Micon the cost was £1000. My husband had a NHS hearing aid but when wearing spectacles and suffering from severe tinnitus the aid became ever more uncomfortable and aggravated the tinnitus. Unfortunately this resulted in not wearing an aid, we also had very […]

ReSound Hearing Aid Review

  • GN ReSound Verso 761

    I have been using a ReSound Verso 761 hearing aid for 6 months now and despite initial reluctance to using a hearing aid I find it opens up new worlds for me. I can hear birds singing, not only the pigeons and blackbirds, but the finches and other small birds. I can now enjoy radio […]

Starkey Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Starkey 3 Series CIC

    I started off some years ago with NHS non digital both ears. AOK but as my son said “They are dinosaur aids Dad”. I went private and had good success with some Unitron hearing aids from a private hearing aid supplier in Edinburgh for about 4 years. My hearing was improved. I then changed to Phonak hearing […]


ukmapDigital Hearing Care are leading partners in a UK wide network of high quality independent hearing aid audiologists. Wherever you live in the UK we can put you in touch with a hearing professional local to you who can really help you improve your hearing and quality of life. Everything you see on this website is what you can expect from our recommended hearing aid supplier in your area.

As a company Digital Hearing Care cover a large part of the north of England – In Yorkshire the areas we cover include all these towns and cities and surrounding areas – Leeds, Bradford, Keighley (where our administrative headquarters are based), Harrogate, York, Wakefield and many more surrounding areas. In Lancashire some of the areas we cover include Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington and the whole of the Greater Manchester area, and including many other areas.

If you want help or advice, wherever you live in the UK, just contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you.


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