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Digital Hearing Care - Hearing Aid Specialists

About Digital Hearing Care

Digital Hearing Care are a leading regional independent hearing aid supplier in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Manchester and also UK wide through our comprehensive network of local hearing aid audiologists. We offer:

  • Low Prices - up to 50% lower than hearing aid prices elsewhere.
  • The Widest Choice - We supply hearing aids from all the UK manufacturers.
  • Great Aftercare - We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent aftercare.


The Brands We Supply

We can supply low hearing aid prices from all the main manufacturers available in the UK, including Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, GN ReSound, Starkey, Unitron and Bernafon.


We only supply the very latest and very best hearing aid technology from all of the worlds leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids.


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Newest Hearing Aids Just Released and Available Now

Phonak Audeo Q and Naida Q
Phonak have launched some new products to replace the RIC and super power hearing aids in their range. The Audeo Q is based on the Quest chip replaces the Audeo S Smart and Audeo S Mini, the Naida Q, also based on the new Quest chip replaces the Naida S. More
Oticon Ria Pro and Ria
Oticon Ria offers excellent sound quality and preserves sounds in their natural form to make hearing both easy and realistic. Ria features a technology that synchronises the performance of the two instruments, which gives you a balanced listening experience in order More
GN ReSound LiNX - Made for iPhone
ReSound LiNX has an interesting trick up its sleeve – it is ‘Made for iPhone’. It wirelessly pairs with Apple gadgets to stream voice communications and music. ReSound quote “wireless stereo headphones that just happen to be your hearing aids”. More

Phonak Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Phonak Savia vs Starkey Maia

    I started with an analogue hearing aid from the NHS (despite the fact that I have binaural hearing loss). It was completely inadequate. I then bought Songbird disposables which were my cheapest short term digital option as I could pay in instalments. Actually, in terms of clarity and amplification without distortion they were very good […]

Oticon Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Oticon Ino

    The type of hearing aid I use is an Oticon Ino. This type of hearing aid fits snugly into the ear and held in place by power dome which is made from soft rubber. The power dome is very comfortable to wear and in no way chafes or rubs the outer ear. I find this […]

Widex Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Widex Clear Passion 330

    Before I bought the Widex Clear Passion 330 I did trial this for a day to see if it was as good as the manufacturer said it was. I have to say my first impression of this aid was instant! It gave me clarity of sound from all directions and sources, sounds that I’d not […]

Siemens Hearing Aid Review

  • Siemens Motion 701 ITC

    I am a 59yr old male, I started to wear hearing aids in 2003, this took a long time to admit that I needed aids but glad I did it opened a whole new life for me, I have worked in a noisy industry and was told that I had lost high tones. I made […]

ReSound Hearing Aid Review

  • ReSound Alera 9

    I have severe high-tone deafness, with almost normal low-tone hearing, and wear two aids. These aids are certainly powerful enough to boost hearing for the important but deficient higher speech frequencies, but distortion affects me significantly – damaged hair cells (the hearing cells in the inner ear) not only respond less well to any sound […]

Starkey Hearing Aid Reviews

  • Starkey Destiny ITC

    I have had two “In the Canal” Starkey Destiny ITC hearing aids for five years now. They were supplied by an independent Hearing Aid Specialist for £1000 each and to whom, after the Warranty ran out after two years, I pay an annual maintenance/repair fee of £85. The earpieces have a two volume control and […]


ukmapDigital Hearing Care are leading partners in a UK wide network of high quality independent hearing aid audiologists. Wherever you live in the UK we can put you in touch with a hearing professional local to you who can really help you improve your hearing and quality of life. Everything you see on this website is what you can expect from our recommended hearing aid supplier in your area.

As a company Digital Hearing Care cover a large part of the north of England – In Yorkshire the areas we cover include all these towns and cities and surrounding areas – Leeds, Bradford, Keighley (where our administrative headquarters are based), Harrogate, York, Wakefield and many more surrounding areas. In Lancashire some of the areas we cover include Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, Warrington and the whole of the Greater Manchester area, and including many other areas.

If you want help or advice, wherever you live in the UK, just contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you.


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